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ParKanDo Activities

As our name suggests, ParKanDo is all about shifting the focus to what you ‘Kan Do’. Member surveys identify preferred activities for development. Where possible, funding is sourced for pilot programs.

The intent is for successful activities to be offered on an ongoing basis. Check out the programs offered by ParKanDo, external facilitators of successful pilots and third parties running activities that may be of interest.

ParKanDo offers activities online using Zoom and in person (when permitted).

To receive invitations to all ParKanDo activities and events, simply become a member. It’s free to JOIN!

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RSB is a non-contact boxing-style fitness program developed specifically for People with Parkinson’s and can help to improve: 

  • Movement
  • Flexibility
  • Posture
  • Gait
  • Balance
  • Strength

RSB also builds social connections, community and camaraderie.

Suitable for all levels of mobility!
Limited places available

2024 Guest Speaker Program & Meeting Schedule

We are excited to release our 2024 Guest Speaker Program and Meeting Schedule. We hope to see you at one or more of our meetings throughout the year. 

Next meeting:

10:30am, 24 April 2024
Topic: Travelling with Parkinson’s
(Note: Inclusion and Diversity Training Postponed)

What’s new?

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We have introduced a few Saturday meetings to accommodate those who are working. Its a change from our usual weekday meeting but it gives us a chance to welcome new members who can’t attend during the week.

Other changes

Changes from our regular schedule are highlighted in yellow so that you don’t miss the new time. Venues for our lunches will be released closer to the dates . 

We look forward to seeing you again in 2024!

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Young & Early Onset (YEO) Group

The YEO Group supports younger people diagnosed with Parkinson’s. A common misconception is that Parkinson’s only affects older people. Many are now diagnosed under 65. In fact, twenty percent are under 50.

Juggling work and family whilst living with this chronic condition are just some of the unique and specific challenges facing those with young onset Parkinson’s. Under 65 and impacted by Parkinson’s, then this is the group for you!

Held on a bi-monthly basis the YEO group explores the challenges of early onset Parkinson’s and allows group members to support each other through these unique challenges.

Enquire about YEO

Activities Fair

Held annually, the Activities Fair presents a broad range of activities and support services for people impacted by Parkinson’s.

ParKanDo’s Activities Fair is full of fun, where numerous presenters have 5 minutes each to demonstrate or tell us about their service or activity.

It provides an opportunity to explore activities anonymously and potentially choose options that appeal to you.

View Activities fair flyer

Successful Pilots, Externally Facilitated

These activities were previously piloted by ParKanDo. They are now offered by third parties and attended by many ParKanDo members.

The sessions run concurrently online via Zoom and face to face (when permitted).

Master Movers

Master Movers focuses on strength and balance adaptable for seated or standing exercise.

The Victoria University pilot in 2020 was so successful, the program required a wait list within two weeks of commencement.

Exercise physiologists run the program. For further information download the flyer below.

MasterMOvers Flyer
master movers group photo

Photo courtesy of Victoria University.

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Photo courtesy of Star Weekly.

Dance 4 Parkinson’s and Wellbeing

Dance 4 Parkinson’s and Wellbeing is a highly successful program, based on the Dance 4 Parkinson’s methodology.

Seated and standing options allows participation to suit the individual. People of all abilities are encouraged to come along and try the fun filled classes.

Further information:

Other Activities

These are external activities unconnected to ParKanDo that members have attended and enjoy.

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Exercise your  voice, Sing, Chat and Connect.

ParkinSong is a professionally-supported, fun-filled singing group program held in an uplifting and social environment.

It improves health and well-being.

ParkinSong can help you exercise your speech and voice and engage in communication.

For further information: contact Fight Parkinson’s to find your local ParkinSong group.

Phone: 03 8809 0400

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Walker Close Community Close

The Centre has a welcoming atmosphere providing a range of programs and activities to the diverse community groups residing in Altona North, Brooklyn Neighborhood, and the surrounding areas of Hobsons Bay.

The facilities at Walker Close Community Centre & Brooklyn Community Hall include function rooms that can facilitate small or large groups for classes, activities, forums, family functions and gatherings. It has a warm and welcoming atmosphere accessible to all age, gender & CALD community groups.

“Our diversity is our beauty, and our strength is our unity.”

For more please visit:


Gateway Community Services

GCS PD Challenger program:-

Combines the principles of neuroplasticity and strength training for the management of Parkinson’s and neurological conditions.

PD Challenger Program instructors are an Accredited Exercise Physiologists and a Personal Trainer who have completed the PD Warrior Training as well as other professional development in exercise for people with neurological conditions. Together our team offers vast experience required to support those living with PD and their care givers.


The program varies weekly providing stimulus for gross and fine motor control, cognition and works on symptom management.

Want to participate?


Phone: 03 9399 3511